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Showroom & headquarter

Ever since it was formed, Bigelli marmi has kept its headquarters in Senigallia in the province of Ancona on the Adriatic coast of Italy’s Marche region.
Bigelli marmi’s 30.000 square metre factory is home to the company’s offices, production department, warehouse and an impressive 1.000 square metre showroom, where visitors can admire and choose from a wide variety of marble and stone, and find inspiration from a number of sample environments.

Inside the 30.000 square metre plant, ancient crafts like inlaying are practised side by side with advanced machining processes, maintaining continuity with the local area and its traditional skills.

The Stone Gallery

The Stone Gallery in Senigallia is a journey through nature where you can admire the countless variety of excellent materials (stones, onyxes, marbles, granites) and where you can choose from a very wide variety of colors and grains the ideal combination to give personality anc exclusivity to the projects for interior and exterior.

Bigelli marmi is represented around the world by a network of agents who keep the company in touch with demand on all five continents. Our international dimension allows us to keep up to date with the standards, bureaucratic procedures and criticalities of countries all over the world.
This familiarity with different national markets allows us to manage all projects with promptness and efficiency.

A path through nature where you can admire the endless proposals of excellent raw materials

A wide variety of colors and veins

The ideal combination to give personality and exclusivity to interior and exterior design projects

Bigelli Marmi is present all over the world with a network of agents linking the Italian parent company to every request from the 5 continents


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