Her Bathroom

White Statuario Extra

White Statuario Extra


Bathroom made from a single block of Bianco Statuario Extra with thicknesses of 2, 4, 12 and 20 cm for washbasin tops with two solid basins. Open book execution. The beauty of the execution comes from being able to realize the different thicknesses from a single block of material, allowing to reconstruct the trend of the vein for each element produced.
We speak of Macchia Aperta, meaning Open Book, precisely because it is performed by opening the slabs of the same block of marble like the pages of a book.
To enhance the Macchia Aperta technique, you need to choose a block with grain.
It will be sawn to obtain the various slabs, following the line of the grain.
The fundamental phase is that of polishing: the slab is polished on one side and then on the opposite side of its mirror; following the procedure is also applied to the other plates.
The plates obtained will be numbered and placed side by side to obtain the final result of the Open Book.

The effect obtained is undoubtedly original and classy.