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Mission & values

“We turn the most resplendent marble
into exclusive contemporary habitats.”
Bigelli marmi, 1959

The mission of Bigelli marmi stems from the passion of its founder, Dino Bigelli, for all kinds of marble and stone. That passion was born over 50 years ago.
Since then, ways of living and aesthetic tastes have changed dramatically, but Bigelli Marmi has been able to follow developments in technology and evolution in the tastes of the most demanding customers to establish itself as a synonym for beauty, craftsmanship and Italian design on the international market.

“People living in a house want to create a habitat that is an extension of their personalities and therefore guarantees a feeling of welcome. The home has in fact become the natural habitat of modern man.”
A. Mendini

The archetypal single-family home mirrors the history of mankind. It has been adapted to the latest models of living and personal space, and today more than ever represents the microcosm and habitat of the person who owns and furnishes it.

The quest for individuality is a leitmotif of all those who want to stand out from the crowd and live in an iconic home that expresses their personality and uniqueness. That quest is fully satisfied by the preciousness of marble in its various forms, colours, types and finishes.
Marble as a material can become the essence of modern design and architecture.
Those who choose to “live marble” transfer their own identity on to their homes, and through them express their own ideas, statuses and lifestyles while establishing new paradigms for luxury living.

A language made of creativity, where every nuance is a key element for the harmony of living space. The mastery of Bigelli Marmi is fully reflected in this project of interior and exterior furniture that leaves breathless.

The mission of Bigelli Marmi was born more than 50 years ago by the fondion’s passion, Dino Bigelli, for marbles and stones in general.
Over the years it has become a synonym for beauty, craftsmanship and Italian design at an international level.

Marble continues to fascinate and attract architects and designers who today, as in antiquity, choose it to interpret their ideas and their projects.

Marble, the absolute protagonist

Stone is a precious, unrepeatable, lasting and natural material that has accompanied man throughout history in art, architecture and style.
Ever since the origins of man, stone has assumed both magical and sacred values, as exemplified by the philosopher’s stone, the mythical alchemic material capable of rejuvenating aging flesh, the Moai statues on the island of Rapa Nui, the standing stones of Stonehenge, the menhirs of Brittany and the ancient megalithic dolmen tombs.
The ancient Greeks realised that marble could be carved and worked to give permanent form to their creativity, and left us the works of true beauty that we can still admire today in many parts of the world.
The Romans quarried vast quantities of marble all over their empire and were the first to work it in tiles (opus sectile), which were also easier to transport than whole blocks.
Red porphyry, green serpentine, antique yellow, white, pavonazzetto, cipollino and African marbles were first used as fragments in precious mosaics and later as interior and exterior wall coverings for patrician homes.
In Imperial Rome, the Emperor Augustus had entire public buildings covered or even built in marble.
Still today, marble is the material that carries Romanic and Gothic cathedrals skywards and towards God.
Marble was also a protagonist of the Renaissance. Marble becomes a “living material” in the hands of sculptors like Michelangelo, Donatello, Bernini, Canova, Modigliani, Jean Arp and Henry Moore.
Marble continues to fascinate architects and designers who, today as in antiquity, use it to interpret their ideas and projects.
Marble and stone are once again becoming protagonists of construction and living space thanks to innovative processes capable of creating new shapes to satisfy all possible aesthetic and design requirement.


Intransigent on the quality of marble and stone, we pay attention to details in everything we do.


Creative in imaging environments capable of conveying the identity, status and dreams of every customer.


Perfectionist in testing of all designs at our factory.


Committed to Italian beauty, design and craftsmanship.


Faithful to our identity, culture and origins. Because true craftsmanship needs a place of belonging.


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