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How we work

For over 50 years, Bigelli Marmi has been choosing and carefully selecting every single block of raw marble in every corner of the world, and supervises with its qualified personnel, every stage of the production and implementation of a project, up to its installation. A fully comprehensive service: this is the priceless value that Bigelli Marmi offers.

Stage 1

Project and estimate analysis

Choosing Bigelli Marmi’s advice means to rely on the extreme flexibility and competence of its design department, which ensures constant support from design to estimate. Experience that integrates with the designer’s creativity turning an idea into a furnishing solution perfect for every environment.

Stage 2

Surveys at the construction site

Bigelli Marmi also supports its customer by carrying out surveys at the building site, an essential service to properly assess the spaces. The extraordinary accuracy of Bigelli technicians in performing metric calculation and on site measurements ensures correct installation and an always balanced and harmonious result.

Stage 3

Executive drawings

The excellence of Bigelli Marmi’s service is the result of continuous contact and dialog with the customer. Each project is visualized through CAD drawings to show the effect of the final result in advance. Attention to every detail is crucial to create unique environments that match the idea in full.

Stage 4

Choice of materials

To create perfect and harmonic furnishing solutions, the secret is a careful selection of colors and refined chromatic combinations. In the large warehouse of Bigelli Marmi, it is possible to choose in person the block of material with which to shape your ideas and, in the showroom, to be inspired by the recreated environments.

Stage 5

Cutting of block into slabs

For each project, the company plans the use of the most suitable block cutting method to enhance the peculiarities of the material. Bigelli Marmi’s machinery technology is combined with the skills of our personnel to ensure that every detail achieves perfection.

Stage 6

Raw material processing

Designer’s creativity takes shape. The material allows itself to be shaped through meticulous artisan work synonym of Bigelli Marmi’s quality, a skill in marble processing consolidated over fifty years.

Stage 7

Testing at the company

To ensure a harmonically perfect result, Bigelli Marmi’s team tests the installation so to accurately check every project before final assembly at the customer’s location.

Stage 8


The excellence of a creation comes from the wise use of the material to faithfully reproduce the designer’s idea. A delicate mix of shapes, colors, technology, and manual ability that reach perfection thanks to the finishing touch of the expert hand of Bigelli Marmi’s personnel.

Stage 9

Polishing and Treatments

Paying close attention to every stage of a project development means for Bigelli Marmi to take care of the product at all times. For this reason, after installation, every flooring is subjected to polishing by using special machinery and is treated with oil to provide protection and a natural appearance over time.

Stage 10

After sales assistance

Bigelli Marmi is synonymous with excellence in product and service. The company ensures constant customer support and provides assistance throughout the production process and after-sale stage. It is possible to contact the company for an immediate and competent answer to any problem and at any time.


Intransigent on the quality of marble and stone, we pay attention to details in everything we do.


Creative in imaging environments capable of conveying the identity, status and dreams of every customer.


Perfectionist in testing of all designs at our factory.


Committed to Italian beauty, design and craftsmanship.


Faithful to our identity, culture and origins. Because true craftsmanship needs a place of belonging.


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