We experience the history and beauty of the material we work every day with ancient experience, a tradition handed down by affinity and common passion.

Senamarmi is "make in Italy", a "new project with an ancient tradition". It is a team of men of know-how, lovers of innovation and beauty in the continuous search for the best materials and the highest production quality.

We want it so to preserve and enhance an important professional heritage of technicians, experiences, knowledge and skills; out of the ordinary, a wealth of the world of fine marble and stone processing, appreciated in Italy and around the world by customers, architects, designers with whom we have always worked successfully. Art, craft and work culture transform stone into an aesthetic value, through the development of shapes, designs, colors, designed for naval, residential, contract, refined and exclusive environments.

Creativity, precious materials, research, exclusive design, personalized services, are the raw materials with which we make everyone's dreams come true, durable goods for living spaces built with the best that generosity; of the earth offers to the beauty and aspirations of men.


Tradition, talent, innovation, territory: the quality of each Senamarmi creation is the synthesis of all the factors that contribute to making it unique and authentic every project.

in the ’ attention “ sartorial ” of the master marble workers, in the attention to detail, in the choice of materials and finishes.

senamarmi esperienza 01

in the capacity to imagine and interpret the different sensitivities of clients, architects and designers.

in the commitment to pursue a business model aimed at respecting the work of those who contribute, with passion, to the construction of value: collaborators, suppliers, partners and customers.

in the concrete commitment of an eco-compatible development in every aspect of the activity; and attention to the health and safety of all employees.



Our innovative and precision instruments allow us to carry out special processes, even on large formats, of high quality.

In this way, we optimize all phases of material processing in order to provide a tailor-made service, without wasting time and raw materials.


Waste material recovery

In addition to minimizing waste derived from marble processing, we are attentive to the recovery and reuse of waste materials, with a view to a circular and green economy.

We therefore design new solutions, products and objects, with an extra value.