Collection Mika - Bigelli Marmi


Karim Rashid

Collection Mika

Mika is a simple shape Lay back in the marblescape 2 chaises facing each other A place and time for Solitude High back, low back in the nude Where we talk, we watch, we sit, we touch. We listen, we connect, we merge, we reflect. We love, we hate, and we maturate We bathe in stone, and clean to the bone The washing moon as an ergonomic private cocoon.

Technical specifications

In the pictures:
Wall-mounted wash basin in Bronze Stone, honed,
Wall covering in Bianco Carrara, honed and Bronze Stone, honed
Floor and wall covering in Botticino honed
Bathtub in Bronze Stone honed, detail
Shower tray in Crema Luna, honed


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