Project LUCREZIA - Bigelli Marmi


Enrico Tonucci


The spirit of the project “Lucrezia” arises from the synthesis and the essence of the Pompeian bathroom’s concept. The purity of the lines points out the preciousness of the material, that builds up the collection. The marble, which is a calcareous crystallized and compact rock, is directly dug on block or reduced in cards, to realize the mosaic “basket”. The collection LUCREZIA comes out this way: it is characterized by solid and sculptural form but it is light as well, because it is hanged on the wall through anchorage. The project is completed by a series of wall mosaics-decorations, inspired by several Roman age representations’ ornaments.

Technical specifications

In the pictures:
FAUNO: Shower tray made in block in Pietra Grigia di San Gaudenzio royal aged
FAUNO: Shower tray in mosaic “basket” polished
ISIDE: Sink in mosaic “basket” polished


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