The sculptor, hard times but we will have a new Renaissance

NEW YORK - A contemporary Pietà in Italian marble to be exhibited in a church in the heart of Rome, not far from the Quirinale. Jacopo 'Jago' Cardillo is dedicating himself to this new work, the young Italian sculptor who has long ago chosen New York as his work base thanks to the support of patrons fascinated by his extraordinary ability to shape marble. "I should go back to Italy soon - he says -. I should have done it sooner but my flight was canceled. Out of 280 passengers, half of them now travel to keep my distance. I will not go to my parents' house, which I miss so much, not to put them at risk. I will close myself in my new Neapolitan studio in the Sanità district where the work will take shape starting from the clay model. Then I will move on to the so-called plaster molding and then to marble ".

The chisel master is experiencing the critical moment caused by the coronavirus in the Big Apple. "Here you can move around - he explains - it is not mandatory to stay at home, quarantine is recommended and most of them, moved by fright, respect it. I have friends in hospital in their fifties who have had a bad time. I too think I fell ill. because from mid to late January I was as bad as ever before: respiratory problems, fever, cough and headache. I said to myself: if I go out I die. The feeling is that you breathe but your body tells you that the air does not enter anyway . I did the tests, now everything is fine ". The art world was also upset by the emergency imposed by the pandemic. '' The market will change - he reflects -. All fairs have been canceled. How can galleries and collectors invest in art, how can artists face the future? But I believe that we are on the threshold of a new Renaissance. I hope that this is the right time to trace a new path in which we can really go back to saying that beauty will save the world. Everyone today claims that a work is interesting and profound rather than beautiful. For me, however, we must devote ourselves only to beauty without adding anything else ''. Jago is quarantined in his Long Island studio after leaving his Manhattan home to be able to devote himself full time to work.

Just in these days he has finished a great work for Russia, a wing that will be exhibited outdoors near Anapa, on the Black Sea. After having inaugurated his 'Veiled Son' a few months ago in a church at Sanità in Naples. refers to the famous eighteenth-century Christ by Giuseppe Sanmartino admired by millions of visitors in the Sansevero Chapel, the artist from Anagni (Frosinone), also known for the bust of Joseph Ratzinger made with the papal robe and then literally naked after the renunciation, raises therefore the bar of the challenge confronting himself with the absolute masterpiece of Michelangelo. As it has done in the past for thousands of followers earning the nickname of 'social artist', Jago will give updates on the work in progress with Facebook direct. '' My Pietà - he explains - will be located in the center of the capital in a church of unique beauty that is not always accessible. The goal is to keep it open every day to allow everyone to admire this wonderful environment. It will be a demanding, life-size work, two meters by two meters by one meter. I will give my best because I have decided to dedicate myself to a few important works. Working alone each of my sculptures takes at least eight months: I hope to be able to finish it by the start of the new year to inaugurate 2021 in a different way ''.

Jago will go to Tuscany to look for the marble block directly in the quarry when there is more freedom of movement. '' It will be a contemporary piety - he explains - I certainly feel the influence of what surrounds me, of the historical period in which I live. I don't want to unbalance myself on its meaning, I prefer to leave the observer the total freedom to interpret it. I hope it will become a symbol for the community and for many new sculptors who follow my path on social media to find courage and inspiration ''.